Monday, 6 July 2015

Uses and Importance of the Aerosol adhesive and Glue for Woodworking

In modern time, packaged spray adhesive is highly demanded in the market due to the development of the industrial growth in the manufacturing sector. Aerosol Adhesive is a user friendly product and is good for serving the purpose of adhesion. The aerosol adhesives are very excellent for finding finished and clean surface that fulfill the purpose for which it is intended for.
There are various ranges and the quality of the surfaces where the use of these important adhesive in higher in demand. This type of adhesive is effective for various house hold and industrial works. It is widely used for the adhesion of the wood, paper, fabrics, films, leather, foil, glass, plastics, canvas, and many more Glue for Woodworking.


The major significance of the adhesive like canister adhesive is its user friendly application, as it can be used by only the touch of the fingers. The nozzles of the cans are adjustable which provide spraying in a controlled manner that makes this product highly user friendly. Owing to these adjustable nozzles, these can minimize the wastage of the adhesive because one can use it only at the required place. Aerosol provides the option to spray the entire adhesive without any wastage that is not possible with the traditional cans.

The handling and storage of it is very easy and secure. Due to these enormous properties, these adhesives are widely appreciated in the industrial use also that includes the maintenance jobs, industrial packaging, etc. The quick time curing and high tact of this makes it a perfect solution for bonding a wide range of the materials.

Application of Adhesives

The application of the bonding of the adhesive is not very tough but it requires a firmly clean and oil, dust, and moisture free surface. For sticking in even and smooth manner, the spraying of the aerosol should be in the uniform manner. To spray a huge amount or to spray a very less amount can become the cause of uneven joint and a weak bonding of the surface. After applying the adhesive, it is required to set the right align the pieces for restraining them to getting wrongly glued.  To prevent the process from it there are various adhesive removers available that removes the excess quantity of the adhesive.

Today, most of the projects and works of the woodworking require the process of gluing because it provides a safe and scratch free surface and finishing. For fulfilling the need, there are a number of the glues are available in the market to prefer. Further, the use of the right product at the right time enhances the quality of the work in every way. So, the selection of the perfect variety of the glue is the very necessary for the work. The most common procedure of the wood working is the cutting of the woods and sticking it with two different other types of the wood parts in an excellent manner. 

The woodworking glue provided by the Westech is in its original formula and in high strength which contains methylene chloride that facilitates the long-lasting bonding. This non-flammable and high temperature resistance glue is highly recognized in the market and popular by the name of HP 15 & HPC15. Having high tensile strength and high peel strength quality, this glue is extensively used for HPL, radius edge banding, and to make the cabinet and other woodworking applications. 

To choose the right glue for the woodworking projects is a common need for all of the woodworking projects due to its seamless finish and high quality adhesion. For gaining an excellent result of the woodworking application, choosing the right glue is very important. The majority of these works is done with the yellow glues that are Franklin Adhesive or Tight bond. 

How is it work:

The wood is a mass of the fibers that are running in the direction so, in sticking of the wood these fibers plays an important role. The bonds created by the modern adhesive are very tight and even stronger than the original whole piece of the wood part. The consistency of the fibers promotes the adhesive for forming the tighter bond between the wood pieces. This joint is not on the surface but inside the fibers of the wood.


The quality of the adhesiveness of various materials mainly depends upon the composition of the chemicals. Aerosol is a highly convenient way of applying the adhesive in comparing to the old and traditional way. Wood working glues are also very popular now for getting the tight bonding and a seamless finishing between the joints between two wood pieces.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Glue for Woodworking | High Strength Contact Adhesive | ok2spray

Westech is developing and manufacturing High Strength Contact Adhesive, high quality Bonds plastic laminates to Woodworking and glue for woodworking or particleboard, Radius edge banding.

At Westech, our efforts are focused on producing high quality, industrial strength adhesives.
We sell our products in a wide variety of markets at a competitive price. With a profound understanding of
our customers’ needs and years of industry experience, we continue to develop new products and
applications to serve our current and future customers.

Westech’s HP15 Aerosol spray adhesive was specifically designed to provide permanent bonding of materials
for a variety of applications.

• Bonds (HPL) plastic laminates to wood or particleboard
• Bonds upholstery to metal
• Bonds plastic laminate including radius edgebanding
• Automotive headliners

Westech’s self contained, environmentally friendly, portable canister system was designed for ease of
use.The canister, equipped with a reusable hose and gun, eliminates the need for air-assisted adhesive
application systems.qhis approach significantly reduces worker set up and general maintenance time.
Its portability enables you to apply adhesive in your facility as well as on the job site.This product is
also available in small handheld aerosol cans.

HP15 provides a fast tacking, strong, permanent and waterproof bond.

• High Tensile Strength
• A High Solids Web Pattern Formulation for Extended Coverage
• Ample Peel Strength
• High Temperature Resistance Level of Bonding

Technical Data
testech em15 product is specifically formulated as a high strength/temperature industrial adhesive
applicable to a variety of substrates.

Technical Data:
• Contains NO CFCs

Aerosol Spray Can

Performance Features:
• Formulated for rapid application
• Simple clean up with AR adhesive remover
• Bond can withstand heat and humidity
• Applies easily and adheres to various substrates

Safety Recommendations:
Vapors may be harmful to health. Keep away from children. Use only in well ventilated areas or use
respiratory protection.The product MSDS should be read and understood before use. Eye protection
is required.qhis product is not flammable.

Recommended Usage:
testech em15 is specifically formulated to be a high strength, high temperature industrial adhesive
applicable to a variety of substrates.This adhesive is suitable for use in many different industries such
as woodworking, furniture, high-pressure laminates, edgebanding, marine, RV, automotive
headliners, upholstery and construction, just to name a few.

Prior to use, a small test patch should be sprayed to evaluate substrate compatibility.
This product may degrade some thin plastics and films. pome of the materials
HP15 will effectively bond include plastic laminate, edgebanding, automotive
headliners, glass, particleboard, felt, paper products, carpet, duct insulation, steel,
aluminum, molded fiberglass, wood, urethane foam and many other materials.